Stay away from Spencer Johnston!

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So, I started working with a seller who has a huge portfolio and was looking for potential buyers. I met with Spencer so he could take a look at some properties. He lowballed my clients after wasting an entire day for his walk-throughs and started talking with a seller who was on site. He asked for this seller's phone number and the seller agreed. Later, I had to tell them both that while I hold an agency relationship exchanging phone numbers is not really in my clients' best interest. 

So, guess what Spencer Johnston did - he went to the public records and found the owner's address who is my client and mailed him a letter. Not only did he send him a letter but he spent most of that letter attempting to slam me for being unprofessional! My clients were actually upset that he wrote this letter because they know I have been breaking my back to represent them to the highest standard possible. In their words: "We love what you have been doing for us Stephen!". I cannot believe the audacity of this individual to go behind my back and try to do this to me. I just want anyone out there looking to sell - you should just shred any lowball offer he tries to send your way. He is just not professional and has no moral code.  

Thats horrible. I'm glad you're blasting his name out here because you're possibly preventing someone else from stepping into this guy's trap while also cleaning up the streets so to speak. Our industry is facing some obstacles as it is and having snakes sneaking through the grass like that only puts the business as a whole in a bad place.

Good thing your hard/honest work speaks for itself and your clients know who really has their best interest in mind.

Thanks for sharing this and I wish you the best of luck along the way!


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