Indianapolis contractors and inspectors

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Hi There,

Looking to find good indianapolis contractors and inspectors.  Anyone willing to share some contact info?

I just went into contract on a couple properties and would like rehab estimates before i reach out to Yelp and Craigslist.


Hi Ray,

Bildwise coordinates and manages rehab projects utililizing only fully vetted contractors.  No charge for estimates.  We work with many out of state and foreign investors.  Please send me your contact info

I'll vouch for Todd Whitehead at Rock Solid Home Inspections of Indiana. He's honest, does a thorough job, and gives you comprehensive results quickly. He's licensed and holds several InterNACHI an other certifications, and has lots of quality contacts for niche contractors. His fees are comparable to other inspectors in the area, and he'll look out for you to make sure you don't pay for a service you don't need. If you stick with him, he lowers his fees a bit for repeat clients. 

You can reach him at website rocksolidhomeinspect dot com. 

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