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Hello Bigger Pockets!

A quick introduction:

My name is Adam Boonzaayer and I just recently become a licensed Realtor in this great state of Indiana, I am working out of the Indy Metro North office of Keller Williams. I have been browsing the BP forums for a couple of years but have never contributed until now, I have also listened to almost all of the podcasts. I have completed one fix and flip (actually closing Nov 11) before I became an agent and will continue to invest while serving as a traditional agent.

I see myself as an investor before an agent; my mindset has been shaped by books such as: Rich Dad Poor Dad, The 10x Rule, The Book On Investing In Real Estate with Low and No Money Down, E-Myth, Think and Grow Rich, 4 Hour Workweek etc. etc.

My main goal is to bring distressed properties to rehabbers, MLS and, those that cannot be listed, as wholesale opportunites. I am also a registered bidder with HUD homestore. At the same time I am more than happy to list properties that have been completed.

Please contact me with any of your real estate needs, investing or otherwise! I look forward to working with you all and further improving our community!  

Hey Adam,

Great way to put yourself out there, awesome intro! If you haven't already done so, pick up The Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller. I just became an agent here in NY and this book helped me focus on whats important and get my marketing plan/budget prepared for my first year.

I wish you continued success!


Hey Adam! Thanks for introducing yourself here.

I'm in investor in Chicago currently, but am going to be getting into the Indy market so would love to connect and network.

Send me a PM and let's connect!

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