Investing in Indianapolis! Best Neighborhoods?

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Thanks for all the great info.

I'm new to investing in real estate and looking to purchase a SFR. I live in Irvington but looking to invest in either Little Flower or Christan Park. Does anyone have any experience with rentals in these areas? Is it hard to find good tenants?

Hey @Justin Hassemer

I have helped some folks explore these two areas in the past. Little flower can be attractive, but as you know Indianapolis is block by block. I am wondering... are you planning on self managing? If not I would explore some PM companies that have manage properties in these areas to get a feel for which streets they like & dislike. That said, I would reach out to @Ross Denman as he is very familiar with these two areas. Hope this helps and if you're ever curious about other areas.. shoot me a PM I am a local too! 


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