Indianapolis Airbnb Managers

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Hi BP! I'd like to test Airbnb with one of my units in Indy. Does anyone have experience working with a solid full service Airbnb property management solution? Anyone manage the listing and guest communication personally, but have systems to outsource the guest turnover? 

@Ethan Anderson

I work with a company in the area that I can recommend to you if you are interested. Cleaning, handyman, and the physical dynamics of the property management for reasonable rates. Let me know if you are interested.

Happy Hosting

Hey Ethan, my colleague and friend Elizabeth Maora operates a business for investors in Indianapolis just like what you described. Feel free to reach to PM me for her contact info or just check out her site:

I self manage 15 listings in Indy and live it!

@David Rollings can I ask if you use a vendor to help clean and prep your properties after the tenant checks out? If so, I'd love a referral!

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