Out of state investor looking for recommendations

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Hey everyone,

My name is Andrew and I'm relatively new to the BP community. I'm located in New Jersey and want to start exploring out of state investing opportunities. I'm looking for real estate agent recommendations in the Indianapolis area (I strongly prefer someone who is an investor themselves and recommended by other investors). Also, I'm looking to start building a team out there so if anyone has any property manager recommendations, that would be great as well. 

I'm interested in purchasing multi-family and single family homes rental properties.

Thank you for your assistance and I'm glad to be apart of this community!


@Andrew Cheng hey I have one in Indy. It’s pretty good. But small sample size. I have a bunch more in other markets but I have a good pm there. Good place to start as long as you stay above 900 rents. Let me know if you need any help getting started.

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