Lease up help recommendation - Indianapolis Property

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Hello All,

I am new to bigger pockets. I recently joined to see if anyone has recommendations for someone who can help me lease up a property that I have in Indianapolis IN. I have had a really rough property management experience over the last 4 years and took over property management in the last year. I am currently managing this property and another one from Colorado and have found it to be a much better experience managing the tenants instead of managing the property managers. Long story short, I have a vacancy coming up at the beginning of May and am looking for someone who can help me do walk through with the leaving tenants, take pictures of the current condition, determine what should be taken from the deposit, screen new tenants and determine what maintenance needs to be done. I would still like to do the property management, but looking for someone trustworthy to do the lease up. 


Cole Emerson

@Cole Emerson most realtors can list, show, and screen rental properties. They typically charge 1 full months rent and usually a minimum of $900-$1,000. If you want to try working with a PM again, we do have an option for owners to take care of maintenance, but we still list/screen/lease the property, man the phones 24/7, collect the rent, handle the accounting, do routine inspections of the property, etc. It just depends on what problems you had with your old PM.