Looking for an investor-minded Real Estate Agent in Indianapolis

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I am looking to start buying rental properties in Indianapolis. I am focused on 3 bedroom, 1-2 bath homes in B or C neighbourhoods that are under 100k and require minimal renovation (this is my first investment purchase - as I get more comfortable, I may move towards cheaper homes that require more repair & renovation). My main goal is cash flow, ideally 10%+ Cash-on-cash return. Looking for a real estate agent who knows the area, and ideally one who can put me in contact with great team members (Property manager, inspector, service providers/contractors, etc.). Looking forward to starting my REI journey in Indianapolis!

Hi William, I am a local agent in the Indianapolis area that works with investors. Within my real estate firm we have a property management group. I also have a list of contractors and vendors as needed. Let me know if I can help out.

Thanks Jamie

Hi @William Godbe ! I wanted to touch base with you about this opportunity. I'm a local broker/realtor in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. Our brokerage works primarily with investors like yourself and have a lot of added value to offer. 

 I've sent you a PM to talk more in detail if you're still interested and looking!

Hi @William Godbe !

We should meet for coffee/beers.  I'm an active RE Investor in the Indianapolis market, long-time contributor on the Mr. MoneyMustache forums, and currently live in the Greater Seattle Area.  I manage my own properties, and work with @Cory Robinson a great REI savvy Indy realtor who I met via BiggerPockets. We met in person last weekend, toured properties and had coffee to compare REI strategies.

I have lots of resources in Indy, but am probably more boots-on-the-ground than most REI's. I'm not *currently* looking for properties to manage... but that will change once I'm full-time boots-on-the-ground.

Thanks to the insanely hot burning volcano of a housing market in Seattle, I couldn't make the numbers work here.  BUT... I can sell my primary residence, and use the profits as down payments on several doors in Indianapolis.  

Hi All,

Piggybacking this post -- I am also looking into the Indianapolis area market and would love to get in contact with a local agent. I am interested in multi family/SFR homes and would love to follow the 1-2% rule. My main goal is cash flow. Feel free to send me a message directly to discuss further if our interests are compatible! Thank you.

Hello all,

As an investor I am new to the Indy market and would love to get to know some local professionals as well. I will send a few PMs in the meantime.

@William Godbe   I'm very active in Indianapolis.  Feel free to reach out if you have questions or if I can help in any way.  

Hi @William Godbe ! I actually operate a property management company in Indianapolis called Intrigue Indy and I am a Real Estate Broker with Nottingham Realty Group as well. I am a RE Investor in Indy myself, and I specialize in helping investor's achieve their goals. I'd love to connect and explore how I might be a resource for you in Indy. I can connect you with great local contractors and lenders as well, that can help turn investing in Indianapolis into a reality.

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