Indianapolis property taxes increase (Higher Assessment value)

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Hello fellow BP, I noticed there was an increase in the assessment of value of one of my properties in Indianapolis. It was increased significantly. Is there a process to contest the new assessment ?    Is anyone familiar with going through this process ?  What steps to take . 

What the cost associated with contesting would be and if it is worth challenging the city of the new value.  Any advice and direction would be appreciated . Thank you

@Mihir Bhimaraju

@Karthick Bhaskaran I was just coming on to BP to ask about the same thing, and I saw your message.  I don't know what to do about it, mine rose by 700%!!

I will likely have to sell the property since the rent can't support an extra $291/month in taxes.  My PM has advised me that they have a different client who has successfully fought the appraisal, but it took about 3 years, and probably cost a fortune in legal fees. 

I’ve had very good luck just filling out the appropriate paperwork, pulling comps in the area and stopping by the Township assessors office. Actually, met the assessor and he was very pleasant and adjusted them within a month. That’s a bit of a challenge for you being out of state

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