Agent recommendations in Indy?

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Hey all,

I'd love to know some recommendations of Indianapolis real estate agents people have used in the past and liked. Anyone have a rock star agent they can recommend?


I recently closed a transaction with @Joel Clausen from the Keller Williams Scott Smith Team, and we are working on at least one more by the end of the year. I live in San Diego, so I need an agent who is responsive, trustworthy and willing to work probably harder than he/she should have to - and Joel has fulfilled all of my expectations (and then some...I'm not sure if you saw my previous post from August, where he changed the flat tire on my rental car!).

Joel is tagged here so you can connect with him - hope it works out!

Thanks, @Jenna Harris ….  We have taken the first steps to building your empire.  Let's get a couple more!

@Travis Raila ….. I will change your tire too, if you need lol.  But I would prefer to just find you homes.  I am better at that, but I do live in Indianapolis, home of the Indianapolis 500, so I guess I might make a good pit crew member too

Originally posted by @Dan Cumberland :

Hi @Travis Raila !  I'd recommend @Devin Chaulk .  He's an all-around fantastic guy, an investor himself, and really understands what investors are looking for.

Thanks @Dan Cumberland! @Travis Raila I'd be happy to chat on the phone sometime and talk about what you're trying to accomplish in Indy, and see if I'm a good fit! I love the city of Indianapolis and seeking out the best deals for my clients.

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