Looking to build some connections in Indy!

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Hello! I'm an investor in Hawaii looking to start actively start investing in the Indianapolis market. Out of state investing can be such a challenge. I'm looking for some quality investors or realtors to partner with who are in state. Looking to see if we can build some win/win relationships that will help us both now and in the future! Thanks for looking guys! :)

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Hi @H W Beckley , thanks for the response! My long-term goals are to own a lot of rentals for cash flow. Currently, I would love to have the opportunity to be a part of, or do some BRRRRs in the area. I have some friends who are also very interested in investing here too, and they are counting on me to build a team, or find some key players with boots on the ground that we would be able to work with. The worst case scenario for me would be to just purchase rentals turnkey style. 

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@Daniel Kong welcome! I too am an OOS investor in the Indy market. If you are looking for any contacts let me know I am always happy to share.

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