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I am a new investor strongly considering the Indianapolis area to invest in buy and hold rentals.  I have been trying to educate myself on the different neighborhoods but it is hard to get a good understanding without some local knowledge as I know things can vary quite a bit in even a small radius.  I'm wondering if anyone can provide me some insight on a general overview of some good neighborhoods to break into for investing in Indianapolis or the surrounding suburbs?  I am looking to find properties for under 125k and am okay with some light rehab/upgrade needs, but I'm not looking for a full rehab at this point.  I'm looking for safer, up-and-coming neighborhoods and would love to get some local insight into good areas to start looking to help me narrow down my search.   Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone. 

@Scott Passman There are a few areas that meet your criteria. No matter which areas you pick, I recommend making a trip down here to check them out in person and meet a few folks who you want on your team. Can't stress that enough! Feel free to reach out and connect!

@Scott Passman if interested, we can connect and you can ask me specifics about any neighborhood in the Greater Indianapolis area that don't related directly to "the numbers." I can share some great insight with you about ideal places to own, as well as some places that I wouldn't accept a piece of property even if it were free! :)

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@Scott Passman You have a lot of options in the price range that you are considering. My first piece of advice is to define your criteria and what class of property and neighborhood is the right fit for you. That will define what areas you should be looking at. I've been active in the Indianapolis market for several years. Feel free to reach out if you want some insight or help.

@Scott Passman and @Jessica Jennings I'm an investor in Indy from California. If you have any questions about the city or the surrounding area I'd be happy to chat. You will need a strong team in the city and someone who has a good reputation that can be tarnished if they swindle you. 

DM me and I can help you if you'd like. 

Originally posted by @Peter Aziz :

@Jeb Brilliant, I'm also a SoCal resident and looking to invest in the Indy metro area. My office is in Santa Monica - can I take you out to a cup of coffee or dinner and pick your brain a little?

 Hi Peter,

I’m always happy to chat about real estate and Indianapolis/Indiana. DM me and we can meet up. 



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