Holiday Gifts for my team

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I have ramped up my business quite a bit this past year. Although I am sure they are happy for the extra business, I'd like to get my real estate broker, property manager and contractor a holiday gift as a token of my appreciation for the work we have done together this year. I am an out of state investor and I don't know the good bakeries, etc. in Indianapolis. I am open to ideas as to what to get them. Does anyone have any good suggestions? 

Colts or Cookies? Great gesture nonetheless. Sure it will be appreciated either way. Good Luck. 

Taylor's Bakery or Long's Donuts has really good sweets. Everyone in Indianapolis knows about it. 

My Sugar Pie in Zionsville, IN  has nationally renowned pies. You can set them up to receive a whole pie or to have them receive a pie a month for 3 months. My clients loved them. You can have them do all of the shipping etc.

@Morris Cohen   Not sure if you solved this already or not.. I get my guys an 8-10 lbs "honey baked ham" each year... They LOVE it... 

I sent a package from Omaha Steak for about $90 to both my realtor and PM for xmas last year. I want to send them another gift to both of them (My realtor helped me with paperwork on sell by owner deal which she didn't collect any commission on, and my PM has brought me an amazing deal then working on creative rental solution via group home). Any suggestions would be appreciated! 

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