What Title Companies Are The Best ?

3 Replies

Heeeeeey Bp family, what Title Company do you close most of your transactions with and why ? Im open to all comments. I use Monument, EagleLand, and Investors Title the most !

I've had quite the best experiences working with Nations Title. I'd recommend them in a heartbeat and you can let Nancy know I sent you. 

@Omari Heflin I close a small handful per moth with Royal Title. Mackenzie keeps earning my business.

Dan Bostik, Monument title is my personal favorite..

Hocker is ok, but they are slow and are not very flexible.

I have had issues with Chicago Title, and First American missing clouds on titles so I refuse to use them when I, or any of my clients, are buying a property.

Meridian has a tendency to make mistakes on the settlement statements, so you need to verify everything.

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