Network Indianapolis Area -Summer 2020-

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I'm retiring next year from the USCG after 20yrs.  I'm moving back to the Noblesville area and will be working on my real estate investing full time.  I have only worked on 2 deals in the past.  1 a flip and the other was to be a buy and hold, but due to retiring I sold it as well.  I bring organizational skills, a financial mindset, determination, with experience buying, selling, property management, and renovations.  I have some capital and a access to a few hard money lenders.  I'm looking for wholesalers, realtors, other investors, property managers, contractors, and mentors for once I move and commit to this full time. I can also bring beer.  I am TRULY excited to start this phase of my life next summer.  

@Jeremy Johnson if you haven't already, I would be doing some reading and listening to all the content I could. That way when you get here you can hit the ground running.

@Bryan Richardson yep way ahead of you.  been reading and learning since Carlton Sheets!! Love this forum and just learning a lot from here.  Done a few deals and helped even more, but i'm always learning and will continue.  I graduated from Noblesville so I know most of the area.  Mostly looking for people like yourself and others to network with and make some money once I'm there full time!

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