Any good appraisers in Indianapolis? Needed Urgently

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I'm new to BP and let me start by saying, this is the best site I've come across with a ton of information on all things Real estate! I live in Dubai... sooo thousands of miles away, never been to Indy yet but look to invest there! 

so in a nutshell, looking to Invest in 2 investment properties by end of year or 2020 in cash (as its hard to qualify for mortgages and a decent rate if at all :( ). 

Now, I plan to visit Indy, contacting real estate agents, contractors, property management co's etc. prior to travelling... and meeting with them...

We recently used a inspector in Indy.  His inspection report wasnt the most detailed one Ive seen but it was sufficient and he charged only 245 which was a good amount less than other quotes we got.  Let me know if you'd like his contact info.

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