Best title company and advise on a total gut property

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I'm working with an out of state REO wholesaler. The property is in Greenwood, Center Grove SD. This property has great potential but also a lot of unknowns. I've done a good amount of due diligence. I cannot use the inspection as an "escape clause". I've had a contractor give a quick walk through to get a scope of work, but that's all. There are no utilities currently available to test the septic system. There is an addition that is sloping and probably needs to be removed. Although there are some risks, I've done the math. I believe the ROI is worth it.

I have not signed an agreement yet. I would like to hear feedback and recommendations for a fast but thorough, investor friendly, Title company.

Thanks in advance... 

Good Morning Karen, I'd be glad to help. Please feel free to contact me and we can go over your transaction details. Looking forward to speaking with you.

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