Have you used a rental property inspection service?

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Expert BPers, Have you guys used a rental property inspection service before?  What have been your experiences?  I am looking for referrals for rental property inspection services similar to https://www.onsightpros.com/se... where they conduct detailed inspections and documentation for rental properties for $150 or so. The typical home inspections are looking for different things and cost quite a bit more. Any recommendations for Indianapolis?

Is there a difference between inspecting for a renal? What different things are typical inspection services looking for that you wouldn't want to know about for a rental? If you're a buy and hold investor, I would think you'd want as thorough of a report as possible. I've always just used a "typical" inspection company.

@Richard Olshove , we do regular property inspections in-house using experienced and well-rounded handyperson types.  We like the "Happy Inspector" which syncs up with Buildium.

I'm sure there are other similar type programs that will allow you to take and name photos in a logical format, and highlight any problem areas.

When inspecting, we look at exterior (roof, drains, windows, siding, water intrusion around foundation, etc).  Interior, inspect ceilings (leaks) under sinks, drains, gfci outlets and smoke/c-o detectors.

The heating system, water heater, electrical service panel and water meter photos are also included.

Lastly, and very importantly, speak with the tenant and ask about any maintenance issues they are having.  

@Shawn York Just to clarify this is an inspection service during tenancy, not for a purchase.  Typical inspection for purchase is fine but they are too expensive and inspect things that dont make sense for a rental turn.  The rental turn inspection would cover all the detailed damages and condition of premises, not overall building systems.

I have a great inspector who will do "soft" inspections (In Indy area) for 125, he has a background in foundations, former GC and very knowledgeable overall about most everything! Message me if you want his contact info. 

@Richard Olshove if you need to use a service to determine weather or not to buy a prop you should not be in the business . I have bought and sold 100s and 100s of props never once using a service . Also what the heck is a rental prop inspection , never heard of it. ? 

Good Luck 

@Bob Prisco Not sure if you saw my post earlier, no not for pre purchase inspection.  For rental turns since I am not in the area and it makes it easier for not only seeing the condition of the property during tenant turnover but also makes the deposit disposition easier.

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