Brand new future buyer, want to hop on some lists & connect

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South side born and raised and I really like the area (ie the 6 county cluster south of Marion - Franklin, Columbus, Shelbyville, Mooresville, Bloomington sort of rectangle). Particularly where I am in Franklin, I've got a lot of faith in the town and prefer it. I'm interested in getting as many "tools" as I can eventually, but I like the idea of buy and hold (SF and 2-4 unit MF) assuming I can get a good property manager to handle calls. 

Of course I've been reading, listening, and learning solidly for like 3 months now. I've had this in my brain for years (BP account since 2012, ha) and now that we're done having kids, I've got a much stronger 'why' these days.

I've reached out to my primary residence agent and got some alerts set up to get a vibe for the area. I've found some contractors I can trust through our church network. I've downloaded some area data and began playing with median prices, $/sf, that sort of thing (light background in data analysis). Still (trying) to figure out ways to raise money and to get comfortable with the buying process. Of course I'm ready to go right now, but I'm interested in getting some networks in place.

1. How can I hop on some reputable wholesaler's lists to see what's available on the south side as they come in? (I don't think I'm interested in Indy addresses at this point, but I'm open to hearing why I'm wrong.)

2. Who are the big players in the south side flipping and investing space? Very interested in connecting to see if we can add value to each other's journey, JV, what have you. Currently my best skill is on the technology side - websites, automation, marketing, SEO, etc, and data analysis in a general sense.


(PS - If this post gets super old and you're like, Oh hey I wonder if he's still interested in connecting, it's been like 5 months, the answer is yes. :D )

Welcome, @Jacob Murphy ! "Columbus" is a keyword I get notifications on. Looks like we're interested in two different Columbuses! haha. Anyway, good luck, and BP certainly is the place to connect!

Hi Jacob, 

One way to meet other investors and get added to wholesaler and buyer lists would be to attend your local REI meetups. I'm in Bloomington, and we have a meetup on the 3rd monday of the month. Look for our facebook group Bloomington Real Estate Investors to get connected. Also, I have a triplex for sale in Bloomington currently. Message me if you're interested.

Get to a networking event if there are any happening in your area. Find out who other investors are buying from.

INREA and CIREA are the best groups.  There are several Indianapolis investor Facebook groups that are really good.  A lot of the good wholesalers are on there.  I like those areas as well.  I do a lot of my investing on the west side.  Let's connect - would love to talk further with you.

@Gloria N Gear Sounds great! I've been this close to joining CIREA a few times but their site is old and I couldn't tell what they're doing next, how involved they are right now, and what it is they do regularly. Good to know they might be worth it. I've joined a handful of central Indiana fb groups on there already and just lurk, ha.