I've recently begun negotiations with a landlord for their portfolio of stabilized SF properties. Their one objection is "What will I do next?" They have $1MM in equity and they aren't ready to retire. Ideally, they could 1031 their money into some homes to renovate. This solves the tax problem and gives them a new project.

I agreed (maybe foolishly) to help keep an eye out for potential SF portfolio deals to 1031 into. I feel like I over-promised on this and have killed my chances of ever closing this deal. Deals are so hard to come by these days. It seems unlikely that I will find a portfolio of homes with value add potential in the $1.5+MM range (assuming they use some debt). 

I thought this could be a good discussion on negotiation and maintaining expectations. Also, if anyone has any ideas (or portfolios of Indiana homes) let me know!