Contractors in Grand Rapids, MI for house renovation

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Hello BP community, 

I recently purchased a home in Grand Rapids, MI to be a future rental and I'm looking for contractors to help with the renovation. The house needs some extensive work- new roof, re-wiring, potential floor plan changes, bath and kitchen remodels, flooring, etc. I have experience renovating, but I don't have the capacity to do it all. I've received several bids on the roof, and rewiring, but I'd rather work with a contractor that can bundle it all. I'd rather work with one person instead of multiple, but I realize this may be unavoidable. Either way, if you have any recommendations for contractors- preferably with experience working with rental properties, I'd appreciate it! 


Hi Martin, 

You should join the Metro Grand Rapids Real Estate page, there are lots of recommendaions there. 

Otherwise, I can send you a few of the contacts I am working with on my properties if you dm me