Anyone live in Bakersfield, Ca or familiar with the area?

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I would like to start investing in Bakersfield since I live here. Looking for advice and opinions on the current market here and also would be nice to meet new people.

Hi @Kristyn Sanchez ,  Good to meet you. There is a fairly active group of investors in the Bakersfield here on Bigger Pockets.  You can search "Bakersfield" to see recent and past threads. We also have a local meet up group.  We used to meet at Rusty's Pizza but with covid it is now on zoom.  There are over 800 investors in the meetup group and the meetings always have a good showing.  I personally invest mostly in the communities around Lake Isabella (45 minutes into the mountains from Bakersfield), but my inspection service works in Bakersfield so I am in Bakersfield several time a week.  The market is hot right now.  Rents and prices are way up. Bakersfield still has cashflow potential and it is the growth story of California.  

@Kristyn Sanchez you're looking at a good market to invest in, in my opinion.  Given the growth of Bakersfield, especially in the past few years, I think there is a lot of good potential in the market.  The new job opportunities coming to the area will sustain the market, if not increase the value of property over the long haul, and it really depends on your investing preferences, but there are many different opportunities depending on the type of property that you are looking to invest in as well.  Feel free to PM me if you would like to chat further as well!

Best of luck!


Hello @Kristyn Sanchez , yes there are a few of us on here. My wife and I own our own Brokerage here in Bakersfield, and have been working/investing in this market for 12 years. Please feel free to send us a message if there's anything we can do for you. 

Sanjeev advani will be a tremendous  resource too you. I just posted a article yesterday on our media highlighting how rents have increased in Bakersfield and we are a pandemic !