Chinese Drywall Remediation in Florida

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Hey guys, 

I recently purchased a home in Lee County Florida (think Cape Coral/Fort Myers area) that has Chinese Drywall. Many homes in the area used to have Chinese drywall, and there used to be a bunch of contractors that knew how to remediate this kind of stuff. Since most of the homes have already been fixed though, very few people still know how to do this work. 

Do you know anyone in the area who can help remediate the drywall? Any references would be greatly appreciated!


@Sam Parr I’m not an expert on it, but my understanding is that pretty much all that needs to be done is the old drywall ripper out and new installed. Switches, receptacles, and circuit breakers are usually replaced, as are smoke detectors.

Seems like a job for a demo crew, drywall company and electrician. AFAIK, there’s no special abatement or remediation techniques required.

I would get it tested. Not all the drywall is affected. There’s a copper test strip (or the copper in your ac unit may already be blackened.) and a sulfur level above 10ppm. Otherwise I would assume you’re looking at $20k? Maybe more.