Roofing Contractor for FLORIDA

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Good morning, I needed a house reroofed. I called someone and they came out and redid my roof, permits were pulled very nice man.  Come to find out the Contractor that pulled the permit was not the man that did my roof. The Contractor that pulled my permit I have found out is a very shady Contractor and sells his licenses to others that do not have one to pull permits for them.  I know this is illegal in the state of Florida and this Contractor is charging these people $100's of dollars to pull permits for them. I want to report this contractor. I never met the Contractor that pulled the permit nor did I pay him. I paid the man that actually did the roof. When I report this Contractor will the man that did my roof get in trouble also??  I have asked around my small town and basically this is how this contractor makes his money. 

I guess I'd look at it this way. Was the job done to a quality standard that you expected at the price that was agreed upon ? Was there a permit? If so then does it really matter that the licensed contractor actually performed the work? If there's liability it will usually flow to the license holder. When contractors get older it's usually the subs or younger guys doing the work. Their strength is knowledge and contacts. If you want to get a separate inspection by another roofer that may allay your concern if the job was done properly. If there's a permit pulled the the local entity( city, county) will have an inspector to indicate the work was up to industry standards. It's unheard of to work under someone else's license.