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The house I looked at is a fixer upper. The electricity was on, but the water wasn't. I have no idea of how long the place has been vacant, and my question is why would the owner keep the electricity on but not the water? I'm hoping that it was the water co that turned the water off, because of not being paid, rather than the owner because of leaks, or worse, water not draining out of house. I've been thinking of outflow not working, but it could be a leak in an incoming line, too, couldn't it? What else could it be?
If my offer is accepted, I will have an inspection done, with all utilities on.
As to the plumbing what should I look for?

City water, connected to sewer.
This house, a small 3 bed/2bath (actually 3 closets and 2 small baths :mrgreen: needs a lot of work in and out, including removing the trash/stuff so the place can actually be seen and evaluated.

It was on market previously at 167000, then reduced 15K, and listed as potential short sale. I got to wondering last night why investors hadn't picked up on it. Possible reason, the price, and maybe the owner just wouldn't come down. My agent sends me (and others) listings, and as soon as I saw it, I asked to see it. I was the third person to see it this go round, and even though it's a lot of work, will work for me, so I put an offer on it right away. A lot of people looked at it while it was listed at 167K.
They have to Wed to reply.

I dont know where you are but here in CT a lot of vacant houses are still winterized . They'll keep the electric on but shut off the water and winterize to keep from pipes bursting. I know its May but I saw one last week that was still winterized.
You could also just assume the worst, and figure it into the offer if you cant get an answer.

Thank you both. We're in the south, This past winter was really cold so the water could have been turned off because of it, but it's not likely. Never thought to check the meter or the shutoff valve, and I should have. Thanks for the reminder and suggestions.

If it was winterized you will see notices posted on the hot water heater and all water outlets. If you see no notices, check the torlet for antifreeze. This also is done to prevent the water from freezing and cracking the bowl.