Will the lack of fencing affect the appraisal value, or be a lender repair?

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The rear side from the alley has no fence. I suck at math but I would guess it's somewhere around 50 linear feet of missing fence. The other two sides to the property are in perfect shape. Luckily for me the buyer is ok if I don't do the fencing. I'm selling this property for top dollar and I was wondering if the no fence will affect the appraisal value, or if it will be a lender requried repaired. The buyer is a first time buyer doing 5% conventional.


Mostly no value will be deducted for the missing fence. The bank is not concerned with the fence, nor is the insurance company. In an older community with no HOA issues, it shouldn't be a problem. Some newer tracts with strong HOA's may require the new owner to put up a fence. In such a case, you should flip the bill if he is really paying top dollar.