Rough estimate for kitchen and bathroom total gutting?

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I'm wondering if the experienced rehabbers here have a good rule of thumb for a total kitchen gutting (not a high end rehab; a basic rehab but with new appliances). Same question for bathroom total gutting where you are replacing a sink, toilet, and full tub surround.

I'm not sure how regional cost estimates are; I'm looking at central MA, blue collar cities like Worcester or Fitchburg.

Just had a kitchen redone with all new cabinets, granite counter tops, sink etc about 6k plus $2800 for appliances. This gut included new sheet-rock and floors too.

I budget generally $12-13k for cabinets, granite, backsplash, stainless appliances, door hardware, sink and faucet, flooring and install...possible to go lower with cheaper granite and appliances. Cabinets I use expresso or white.

I budget $5K per full bath

@Julie Brevard  Did you get what you need? I have a few rentals in the fitchburg. I got a recent qoute for roughly 5k to renovate an entire bathroom.

Hard for me to comment, not because I don't have a clue in my area, but because I don't have a clue as to the price range of the subject property or the sq ft to be renovated.  In a 50k property a $99 toilet might do the trick, in a 150K property I might spring for a $250 quiet flusher. If the kitchen area is 120 sq ft, that will be much less than 336 sq ft kitchen, even in the same price range for expected amenities, fit/finish and grade. Nail'er down for better results and good luck :)  

I'm just north of you.  Probably a good price comparison.

Please define "gut".  Are you removing/replacing the rough plumbing and electric?  Moving major fixtures?  Or just remove all appliances, fixtures, cabinets and surfaces are replacing them in the same footprint?

I just did a bathroom.  Moved nothing; rough stayed in place.  Just basically brought it down to a bare room, including down to the subfloor, and removed on of the two closets.  More or less real costs (from memory) follow:

Demo - $120, plus using some amount of space in a dumpster already available three doors down the street.  Probably generated maybe 1000 lbs?  Disposal is $125 a ton.

New one-piece tub/shower - Almost $1600 when all was said and done, because i had to remove a door and do some framing for it.

Patch, paint, and new trim throughout - about $275

New floor, honed travertine.  Labor was $375, with me doing the sealing.  Material about $3.75 a square foot, including tile, backer, thinset and grout.  Wish I had gone with the 12x18 tiles, that would have been and additional hundred or so for material and nothing extra for labor, and looked better.  Lesson learned.

New vanity and travertine top with undermount sink - $1275.  More than I expected to pay, and I could definately have done better on price.  

Toilet - $200

Faucet, tub/shower fittings, shower door - $865.

Medicine cabinet - $325.  Same deal as vanity.  I could have done better.  Matched the vanity.

Vanity lighting and new exhast fan/light, in existing location with existing venting - $275

Doors about $275 installed.  Hardware for them another hundred.

So right about $6000 all told.  That is for really pretty midrange.  Stone floors, but one-piece tub/shower, etc.

I'd call it flippable to a first-time homebuyer (or many others) for sure.  More than needed for a rental.  If Fitchburg is still like it was when I played hockey as a "Wallace Whalloper" decades ago, might be the nicest bath in town :).

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