Deal found on cabinet hardware!

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Just a quick share...

If you are looking for cabinet knobs and hinges, check eBay before hitting the homestore. I found several option at half the price of Home Depot.

You can also find deals on faucets and fixtures.



That is definitely a good call @Edith TenBroek  ! I find that Home Depot is very high priced and very low quality. If you go to price out their products then go to a specialty store not only will you find a much greater selection at the specialty store you will also get better product at a better price. 

Another great spot to shop is Habitat for Humanity ReStores. You can get good quality materials that are overstock or overbought from stores and contractors at deep discounts. 

I also found this site recently for cabinet pulls. The selection isn't huge but good quality and so cheap compared to Home Depot or other places!

@Edith TenBroek

  I have a warehouse full of this stuff. .much of it high end you can buy anything you want for 1 DOLLAR a piece.. includes pulls lights fixutres,  complete door sets.. schlag locks etc.

Great tip Edith!  I just ordered enough hardware for the next three houses.

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