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Hi all!  Name is Evan and I have been on base (Peterson) for the last two years. Divorce is in progress and I will need a project to keep me busy once she gets prime custody of the lil ones. You know how it goes I'll gets some weekends, summer and holidays...  I still have two years to go here and I want to fix and rent a third property.  First one is in Maryland and the second in Washington.  I am the property manager for both places but that's pretty easy.  Will likely lose one place in the split but oh well.

Looked at a house today on Sarano that was a complete dump.  Its in D12 but the neighborhood is not so great. The only way I could see myself buying this place is if I make the basement into a second rental.  With two years I could do all the work myself making the separate entrance and all the work needed.  However here is where you all come this amount of work going to pay off?  Maybe I just wait for a fixer to show up in Skyview and fix it up nice.  I don't lean toward being a landlord or selling for profit.  The end state is as the website suggests...bigger pockets.

Welcome Evan  .  Was stationed at Carson from 04-08 so knoew the area.  If you get a chance  head over to the new members forum and introduce yourself.  You will likely find some more BP members in the colorado area now

 as far as your plan, a red flag i see is the basement rental.  heard some horror stories on here and on podcasts about the type of tenants they attract.   how much rent do you think you get get by converting it to a basement apartment 

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