House appliances and basement

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Have some qns about the level of rehab for non section 8 and also section 8 rental

With section 8 are their inspector usually stringent about the condition of the house for their rental? They usually require refrigerator and stove and smoke alarm How would the landlord do for appliances protection?

Should you rehab the basement for flooring and wall to nice showing for rental units or they are not really important that much for renter

Many tks

In the area I invest, they don't "require" appliances, they just allow more money for rent for each appliance that you do have in the rental.

I suggest you connect with some landlords or property managers with section 8 properties in the actual city you're inquiring about. They can give you some local insight as to how stringent they are and what they're typically looking for.

Most of the housing authority website states they require refrigerator stove and smoke alarms arn't they stardardize with every state and owner don't have the required would fail their inspection? And does your local housing authority allocate the tenant to you or you have to go out to get them? Are you investing in CA for your section 8 rental? Thanks

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