Do you put a sign up during your rehab

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I have seen several RE investment companies in my area put a sign up during the rehab process to show the company under which the property is being flipped.  I'm just curious as to how many of the BP users do this as well.  It seem like a good way to spread the word on what you are about especially when you're focused on a single area.  Thoughts?

@Bruce M.  It does make sense to put up a sign during renovation, as you said it would spread the word about your company, especially if you are in your particular area that you focus on investing in. It is not mandatory, it is strictly up to you. Good Advertising though!

Sometimes I flip in neighborhoods where I not only don't put up a sign when rehabbing, I don't even put up a sign when just invites thieves. In other neighborhoods I do put up signs both during rehab and resale. It's like a bandit sign without the bandit.  Just use your best judgment as to when it's appropriate.

I have never ever put up a sign when rehabbing or when selling the property. I guess the sign works if you are looking for retail work which a lot of the contractors want so they put up the sign XXY Contractors however I hate the look of signs in the yard I think like @Brian Burke  said its a sign to thieves especially if things like your outside AC unit isn't secured.

Awesome, thanks for the input all!!  That's a great point @Brian Burke  it would definitely have to depend on the neighborhood.

One other consideration you might want to think about in regard to posting your sign on your property during rehab is if it will draw the city inspector's attention. The city might send an inspector to the house to make sure you pulled all the necessary permits for the job. Many jobs you don't need permits to do your work but a sign is like putting out a welcome mat to a city inspector. I've seen this happen to a couple investors I know.

Wow awesome thought Bruce M. .  I never thought about that one!!

agreed on all accounts, if you are in the ghetto do not put signs up unless you want stuff stolen!  Heck, i know plenty of handymen that essentially LIVE in some of the properties during the renovations just to help prevent theft.  but in good neighborhoods it can certainly provide some level of advertising but I think it's probably more of a benefit to the contractors than it is the flipper/investor.

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