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how much approximately, would it cost to have someone add a half bathroom to a bedroom? A wall in the kitchen [plaster and cinderblock] would have to be taken down enough to put in a door from kitchen to bathroom.  Also, there would be dry wall with a door for the entrance from the bedroom. This is a tiny one bathroom house and this is the only place I can see where a half bath could be added. 

The house costs my son $30,000. With the work put in it is worth 40 to 43 thousand.  An added half bath would probably add about 7 thousand in value. Would this be possible to do in a way that will not cost more than its' value?

$7k is a reasonable budget.  The big variable is plumbing access.  

Could you sketch the floor plan noting where existing water and sewer lines are?  Take a pic of your sketch and post it to this thread.  

one thing to think about. Anyway we had a rental that a closet was made into a 1/2bath. Easy carpentry wise. It was a 30"x72" closet.  Plumbing was fairly easy doe to proximity to the hall bathroom. Since closet was already there, it was a plumbing only solution. 

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