Hampton Roads landlords, buy & hold, and rehab investors

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Looking to network with any investors currently rehabbing or buying and holding in the Hampton Roads area. Looking to build solid relationships please contact me if you are open to networking.  Also seeking any realtors in the area open to working with investors. 


This is the best place to learn.  Feel free to ask questions. I don't play in Norfolk, but there's others here that do. 

I own a house in Virginia Beach. I am an buy an hold investor. In a couple of years I am hoping to start a vacation rental business. 


  There are many different ways to approach purchasing property with the intent to rent, but it is all where your budget can handle and where you feel comfortable.  One thing you have to realize is that the more doors you have you have a higher income stream (duplex, triplex, quad), however some of the tenants you get are transient and don't stay very long.  However the risk with single family properties, is that when they are empty there is no income until you re-rent the property.  

As your fist purchase, I would tell you can get a much better rate on any multi-family with a residential loan if you intend to occupy one unit for at least one year.  This is the only way to get in with a minimum down payment and cut your living expenses so you can save up for the next one.  

When my husband and I got married 12 years ago we each had our own properties, I had a town house, and he had a single family home.  We ended up purchasing our house together after we got married and started purchasing from there.  We have quite a mix 2 6 unit buildings, 3 unit + Commercial space (my office), Triplex, 2 townhouses, and 5 single family's, for a total of 26 rental units.  I am my largest client, however I over 200 rental units for my clients.  

If you ever want to talk you are more than welcome to visit my office and see how we run our property management division.  My husband Eric focuses on selling investments, and my speciality is the property management side.  

Look forward to hearing from you.

@Bryan Neal I'm not exclusive to just Norfolk. What area are you in?

@Lisa Doud I appreciate your reply we will absolutely be in touch very soon!

@Brittney Cash  I'm in Virginia Beach.  I haven't met @Lisa Doud  but I have met her husband @Eric Doud  and he's a good guy.  If I ever need property management or help I would contact them to see what they offer and if it fits my needs.  

Hey hows it going Brittany,

 I just moved back to the area so I'm getting things setup and starting to network like crazy myself. What area of investing are you working in now or planning to work in? Have you checked out the TRIG if not here is the link https://trigofva.com. It seems to be the only REI group I found here but they are pretty good. Welcome to BP and maybe we will cross paths someday or get a chance to work together.

Hi Brittney, I fix and flip in Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Chesapeake. Let me know if you get any wholesale deals.

I definitely will message me your email @Christian Dunlap

Always interested in real wholesale deals (ie- not the typical insane ARV, costs, etc)

I have a contract for a property in NN, VA 23607

If anyone can use that.

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