Looking for suggestions to sale newly rehabbed properties quickly.

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I'm looking for some suggestions to sale newly rehabbed properties quickly.

Besides Craiglists, MLS, and local REI is there something that I'm missing that might be so obvious? Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


Nope, if you're looking for retail buyers, MLS will get you 95% of the way there, and Craigslist and local networking will probably get you to 99%...

@Tommie Toliver  

MLS is the go to place to sell its rare that you can sell on your own.. if your selling to home owners.. now that's not the same with rentals or under market flips.

I agree, MLS is where most retail buyers look

MLS is the top place people look.

Don't forget about putting the sign in front of the house with flyers about it. While you will get tons of lookers, I personally look by "neighborhood". 

We did 14 flips this year 1 in IL and the rest in Northwest Indiana. All of ours were listed on the MLS first then all the other sits. Believe it or not we got a majority of our buyers to see our houses first on Facebook. Using the Facebook advertising for each property really helped boost the house. That being said pricing is always key. Make sure you look at your market and what else is for sale there. Meaning if you are in an area where there are other flips flooding the market then you may have to take that into consideration. I see you are from Country Club Hills, IL that is where our 1 IL flip was. IF I can be of some help please let me know.

Thank you all.

Wanted to be sure that had all my basis covered.


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Like @John Mathewson  said above, I've had success using the pay per click Face Book ads. I only advertise in close proximity to the subject property [you can choose zip codes or near to addresses to drill down as tight as you want].  This ensures that friends and family that live near the home will tell their FB friends.

@John Mathewson   @Shawn Holsapple This is the 1st time I have heard of anyone using facebook ads to market a flip.  

We usually just use the MLS to find retail buyers. Have you every actually got an offer or an agreed contract with someone who found you on Facebook?

@Michael Noto I'm the realtor that lists the houses and I try to post it to facebook a day or two before listing it on the MLS and other sites. Believe it or not I would say at least 75% of our buyers last year saw the house on facebook first then asked there realtor to show them the house. We really put a lot of time in marketing and branding our company and have a decent amount of followers now that love our product. All of our previous buyers follow us and refer friends constantly.

@Michael Noto  Check out our page you can see some of what we have done. Not experts just simply figure the more people we are in front of the quicker we sell our houses. M Property Group is facebook page

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