First project (Fairbanks, AK)

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The weather has been on our side on this rehab. Didn't think we could do all we did in the middle of winter, but I have an awesome contractor. Ready for sheetrock and heating install. Had to raise the roof of the log section 3 foot.

Neat. I haven't seen anyone put house wrap around log before. How did you treat the corners of the log section?

we used 2X2's and cut the ends of the logs. It has 4" insulation on inside and 2" of foam board on the outside. Only logs that will be seen is the 3 logs that we raised for the roof. They are for ambiance more than anything

Hi Harold,

I like the idea of putting the insulation on the outside to improve the R-value. Seen a few homes down here use spray foam on the exterior. That's an interesting treatment for the ends. Do you think you lost any strength in the structure by removing the log ends? As far as I understand log structures, the notches and ends on the logs resist lateral movement of the structure as well as hold the logs in place.

Which contractor are you using?

Had an engineer look to make sure the structure wasn't degraded, actually we made it stronger tying in the inner wall with the TGI's. I have Mike Asher as my GC, he is doing fantastic work. Putting up sheetrock and new heating system this week.

Wow! You are really moving along.  I still feel like I'm in the twilight zone and work has been so busy that I haven't been able to do things during the week.

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