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Greetings all,

Was curious as to the feasibility of generating property leads using zillow / zestimate type figures in conjunction with public record of sales. Seems like i should be able to find a better way at sorting through massive properties besides manually?

thanks for your time,


Hey @Gabriel Mabry  

Are you looking to simply get a ballpark on the amount of equity for each home in your farming area?  If so, this could probably work about the same as what ListSource does with their Automated Valuation Model (AVM).  I am sure there are numerous other services/people out there doing something similar.  Below is a link to a post which goes over other options other than ListSource:

Other lists besides ListSource

Best of Luck,

Scott Dixon

Thanks @Scott Dixon  for your time,

Forgive my lack of knowledge in this area and my lack of industry jargon. What I am looking to do is acquire 2-3 starter houses for my small team rehab. I have experience projecting costs from the renovation side but not this side. So, like everyone, I would love to find a few with extra room -- for error in calculations hidden costs and etc!

The ultimate goal is rehab 12 properties a year until i can roll money into investment property such as an apartment building for residual income down the road.

Thanks again!


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