Contractors needed in San Antonio

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Hello BP family,

I'm am starting to buy houses in the San Antonio area to fix and flip. Does anyone know of a general contractor in the area that is reputable, and reliable who has a history with investors?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I hate to be negative, but contractors here (especially those that work with investors) turn faster than milk.  In the last 2.5 years, using several contractors myself, and witnessing contractors working with my clients I've seen contractors that have done multiple jobs for me or clients successfully be the same contractors that ran off with money, borrowed funds from one job to pay for another, fail to get permits, fail to carry insurance (including providing fake licensing and insurance info), go from excellent work to sub-par renovations, steal supplies, install used equipment (passing for new), fail to honor warranties, and cost individuals tens of thousands of dollars (on a single project).  Just ask @Chad Clanton  .

My suggestion is to find a good referral from someone you trust, call their references, go see their work, check to see if they are licensed, get copies of their insurance, and only front enough money to purchase materials for work being done.   

I have a couple great contractors I work with now.  One is a personal friend. I am happy to share his info, just email me.  The other is a company I have done a ton of business (buying and selling homes to each other) prior to ever hiring them to renovate homes for me.  I am also happy to share their info.  Just let me know what type of projects you will be renovating and I can provide you some good contacts.  I am hesitant to post them here simply because I don't want to waste their time being inundated with request for bids all over town with no guaranteed of work.  

@Kyle McGlotten   

The guy i had used for about 10 years around here, just moved to San Antone last year, so if you like i could send him to your way. He started out as a roofer and than over the years  he had  learned to do additions kitchens, baths, pretty much all of it. His wife has her family in San Antone that is why they moved there....

Thank you Val.  If you could provide his information that would be greatly appreciated. 

Kyle, if you need any more assistance for contractors, granite guys, plumbers or foundation just email me and let me know. Would be happy to assist.

Kyle, just checking to make sure you got the information you were seeking

Thank you for the follow up  however I could not locate an email within your profile to reach out to you for the contact you mentioned. 

Val,  I am also interested in your contact's name. 


@Seth Teel and @Val Csontos I have a house under contract in Converse (east side of San Antonio) and I figure if you still recommend the guys you mentioned a year ago, they're probably reliable and good at what they do. Would y'all mind sharing their info?

Good evening @Matthew Allen , unfortunately I don't have any good contractor recommendations, but here is a post I wrote on the topic of vetting contractors. If I can help you with anything or you want any input on structuring arrangements with your contractors, give me a yell.

once you find a good contractor try to keep them busy.  I ended up doing everything myself because contractor never showed up or never  even called 4 times.  Good luck.

I know that I'm late to the party, but does anyone know a good contractor in SA that can handle a new build?

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