Silent, Seller, Flip

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         So I haven't heard of this nor do I know if its typical or even possible.  Has anybody heard of somebody doing a deal where the seller agrees on documents to allow the buyer to flip a house while the property is still in the sellers name and profits are split? Basically it would work like this;  the distressed seller would agree to move into a rental  and the investor would take over payments for the agreed amount of time and finance the rehab  for the property.  Then, sell the property and split profits somewhat.  In a nutshell.  Im thinking about the hole, 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing quote. 

not sure how accurate i would be saying this, but wouldnt that be kind of a "subject to"  except that you would be giving them some of the profit?

Yes, they would be getting some profit as well.  Assuming they have some good equity in the home, I would be helping them eliminate foreclosure by helping them sell it better, again, assuming they do not have the money to fix it up.

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