Rewiring Entire House

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I am looking at a house that seems to have old wiring in it.  It has fuses instead of a modern electrical box.  Last night was the initial walk through and I am just trying to get some rough numbers together.  The house is 1000 sq ft single story in the Greater Akron area in Ohio.

How about a little help from you Akron and/or Cleveland members, how much is this going to cost me. 

I'm not in that area, but, if I had to guess, you're probably looking at $3000-5000.

Could obviously be more or less depending on:

- Type/quality of contractor

- Quality of materials

- Access to existing wiring

- Whether you are willing to do sheetrock repair and painting afterwards

- Cost of permits

- Your negotiating skill

@Martin Peter Rough numbers are $50/cut for the wiring. A cut is any outlet, light fixture, switch. The panel should run you about $800 installed. This will increase if the access is difficult, as in finished ceiling in basement, multiple floors, lots of wire fishing or drywall cuts. Any finish work (drywall repair, etc) is additional. 

If you have to increase the service to the house that will be additional. I have not increased service, but I would say at least $1200.

Hi Martin, really depends on what you're planning on doing. Just replacing the panel might run $800-$1200. More if you're actually replacing the actual wiring. Since it's all on one level if you have to rewire, it'll be easier than ripping everything out and having to fish wire to the second floor. Hope this helps. If you need an electrician, let me know. BTW - does it have knob & tube wiring?

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