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Hey Everyone!

I wanted to know if someone could refer me to an investor friendly realtor who has experience with locating properties for flipping.

Also if you guys and gals have any suggestions for locating properties for flipping or have any other suggestions that would be awesome!

I'm also looking for referrals for reliable and well priced contractors within Miami as well.


Not from that area, but here are my suggestions: 

1. Go to real estate investor network meetings

2. Call real estate brokers to see if they have investor, agent friendly, good luck on this one I go so feed up with them that I went to get my license. 

3. Look up the sales cycles in the area you are looking at to see if there is room for flips. 

4. Find a mentor in your area. 

5. Most important to listen to the podcasts, read, and make short term goals (i.e. Weekly, monthly and 6 month.) 

Hope it helps and good luck! 

@John B.

Welcome to Bigger Pockets community. You will find all kinds of useful information under “Learn.”

Hi John, Miami is one of the fiercest real estate markets around. There are many realtors around. In fact almost every second person has a realtors license. Many don't speak English and many are unethical and untrustworthy. How much you are looking to spend will dictate who will work with you. If you're heavily cashed up, there are some better agents who will be willing to assist you. Recommendations for a good contractor? Well good luck with that. I'm not sure which is worse; their workmanship or their dishonesty. My only advice is to verify their license online, check court records for any lawsuits by former clients, check for debts owing on sunbiz, get plenty of references from past clients. Pay in small installments after work is completed at the job site. And if you find the secret to finding an honest contractor who does good work; let me know!

Hi Jon! Welcome to the community!

I can help you. I'm an investor and Realtor. 

I can also help you find properties to flip. Check out It's a pretty wonderful tool and it makes me money. 

For contractors I'd contact They are really great and they have great reviews. Definitely worth checking out. 

Feel free to contact me. Hope the info helps! 

@Mark Nolan Thanks. Will definitely check it out. 

@Nat Chan Good advice on checking them out in the public records. 

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