Anyone from the Clarksville, TN area

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I have been looking for a REI group here in Clarksville, TN but found that they have stopped having meetings last year. I am looking to purchase my first property and am looking for referrals for a contractor who can reliably assess the property I am looking to purchase. Any help would be appreciated.


Are you looking for someone to give you an estimate of the repair cost or just to let you know what will have to be repaired? If you have a deal that you're really interested in you might want to call a few contractors and see if they'll give you an estimate. Most will usually do this for free. If you just want to know everything that maybe problematic with the property then when you get a home inspection you'll find all that out. That'll just be part of the your due diligence before closing. 

Hey Cosmo, I also live here in Clarksville Tn and yes I've heard about the closing of the REI Club . It is something that brings a person down especially if you're new and want to learn. I used too volunteer and help at the meetings,and I did meet some investors who did see tons of investment opportunities in Clarksville since it is a growing town and mainly a military town . I've just closed my first wholesale deal which I cleared a nice check. But send me a PM I'd shoot you a list of quality contractors,whether for a estimate or a full build ...Keep the hope and keep the desire burning!

Hey i just saw your post here. I'm an agent here in Clarksville, still fairly new. I would love an opportunity to help you out if you need it. I do searches quite a bit for myself just to see what is on the market. Also I saw that you have a list of contractors? I don't really know many myself and if wouldn't mind sharing that I would appreciate any info you had on local service providers. 

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