Which Code Violations Should I Ask For?

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Hello all,

I've been trying to get some lists of houses with code violations in my city. I was able to get a response from the city asking which type of code violations I was looking for so they can generate a report.

Any suggestions on what to ask for? I've looked around the forums and couldn't find much about different kinds of violations. I know some will be more costly to fix others. Any help would be appreciated!

Overgrown vegetation, Open & Vacant Structure, Trash/Debris

Hope this helps!

Foundation problems.

@Theo Jones Thanks for the tips!! 

@Manolo D. You aren't worried about buying a property with a bad foundation? I'm sure you can get it cheaper, but does it ever backfire on you?

Anymore tips??

No, because one of my superintendent/employee foreman worked for a foundation repair specialist, it's a niche market. Everyone is scared of foundation problems, they should be, IF they don't know what they are doing. I like them because it's a large margin trade, not much competition, if I was an investor, I could offer a lot lower than a regular buy and hide my profit under the rehab cost. Let's say a foundation repair quotes at 15k, i could do it in 5-7k, that's an instant savings on my side under the repair costs. Even if you are just an investor, it means you have less offers to compete with.