Quebec flipping and RBQ#

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This question goes out to any members who are active flippers in Quebec Canada.
I'm looking to put my first deal together and there's a certain aspect off Quebec legislation I need to know about regarding the need of RBQ#.
My plan is to purchase and flip over the winter then offload in the spring/summer. I would want to do most of the work myself but after looking into laws regarding contractors and such it came to my attention I may not actually legally be aloud to do this unless I get an rbq#.

My question is what is the type of liscense I should get and is it actually worth it after everything is all said and done. Would I be better off just looking across the river to Ottawa for my first project??


Hello Richard, i am an active flipper in the greater montreal area. 

it all depens on the type of holding that you will be doing. 

-You can make renovation yourself or manage in your house without having an RBQ since you are a 'proprietaire occupant'

-If you want to build new construction you need to get you 'auto-constructeur' license

-You are supposed to hire only rbq license holder to work on your project but you wont get a fine for not doing so

-when you will sell, buyers will be reassured that a pro did the job

-get a legit electrical and plumbing company since they garantee their job

I suggest you do a few flips and after check out if the rbq is worth it,

I dont know about the Ottawa market, is it good?