Converting a SFR to offices

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Hello everyone,

I am purchasing a 1450 sq ft 2/1 in Apopka Fl.  The current layout is choppy and would require approximately $30,000 to rehab to a nice flip for residential.  The property is also zoned for commercial office and is right across the street from a nice child care facility.  I believe that if I rehab to make it a nice office instead I would yield a bigger return on the commercial side, however the property would sit longer on the market.  The upside is that the rehab would be about $10,000 less than trying to rehab for a nice residential flip.

Has anyone converted a SFR to commercial office? Besides meeting commercial codes, such as parking, handicap access, etc, is there any other things I should consider? Thanks again!

Pretty much just whatever the city will decide, remember that plumbing and electrical is different. Type L and Type K are two different things, I'd suggest contact them if it will not matter. ADA requirements are a pain too. It might yield you a cheaper rent but lower maintenance too, and lesser tenant issues. Setup some cubicles would be an additional investment but additional return. More like Regus type of small building, day office and all that.