Looking for a mentor, Houston TX,

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Hi all, I am looking for a mentor/someone to shadow on flips. I am a realtor, and my father is an investor (however not active at the moment) so I know some of the basics. I also have been reading on my own, attended a few workshops, and have started to look at potential properties in my area. I would just love to see the process from beginning to end. I feel confident in some areas and some area I am lacking. I can add value such as providing comps in the area etc I am a go getter, and very motivated. Anyone willing to let me tag along?

I don't know how your brokerage/license agreement is set up but you could always offer to list at a discounted rate in order to make it worth the investors while. I would also dig through the MLS looking for deals/distressed properties for potential clients. You are in a very hot market. So you need to offer potential partners something worth while.