Rockford, IL - Rehabbing and Flipping

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Hello everyone!

I'm from Florida, looking for better markets to invest in fix and flip.

I'm flying to Chicago tomorrow to visit a few properties in Rockford and would love to meet investors and brokers in the area. Any inputs will be also much appreciated.

How is the market over there? Can we still find good opportunities?

Also, in case you have a SFH under contract with a great margin for profit, please text me.


Hello Nino! What's the ROI of the deals you have been finding in Chicago? I see you are a contractor, so you probably get across many good opportunities. I'll be there tomorrow, in case you have a few minutes for a coffee.


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I have a couple properties under contract using seller financing. The investor has to put up the money for the rehab and a $20k deposit to the seller. One property is in Schaumburg and the other is in Lincolnshire. The property in Lincolnshire is under contract for almost $100k less than the lowest available property in Lincolnshire (on the MLS). PM me if there's any interest and we can meet while you're in town.