San Antonio Curb Appeal Suggestions

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Recently closed on this duplex in Denver Heights. We'd like to improve curb appeal for under $1,500. I'd like to hear all suggestions, though. We may take them into consideration for the future. 

**Also, If anybody has the info of a great electrician in SA please PM me

Not gunna do a ton with $1,500, but first thoughts are:

- are you removing window units as part of rehab?  (I.e. Putting in central air?)

- remove bars on windows if allowable. 

- shrubs to hide the meters and around the front.  Something drought tolerant assuming tenants won't be watering anything, by the looks of it. 

- is the front yard used for parking?  Maybe tidy that up if so and get rid of all the grass, maybe crushed limestone or something instead of hoping grass will grow. 

- paint everything and get some color on the front doors.  Maybe a two color scheme to separate siding vs trim. 

- maybe address the roof?

@Ross K. Thank you for your suggestions! Yes, we are going to fix up the roof for sure. Much of our budget won't go into aesthetics but I think curb appeal is important. May increase it but was just interested to see what people suggested for a low beget.  

--keeping window units for now. 

--yes, the front is used for parking. We should definitely make that look nicer. 

I think for the area, I'd do a couple shrubs up front and one load of fresh gravel or crushed limestone (probably gravel) just to make the parking area look more consistent.  It's not a permanent fix.  I've not used asphalt re-grind before but have heard of a method of getting recycled asphalt spread as a cheaper alternative to paving.  May be worth investigating.  Maybe even a couple parking curbs to indicate where you expect people to park??  I wouldn't put down anything that requires watering by tenants. 

     Funny side note: some of the locals refer to Iowa street as "Ten W. A." because it resembles the number 10 and W.A.  10WA   I just remembered that when googling Denver Heights.  Also, I'd want the bars in the windows if I lived there (unlockable from the inside); although I hear it is being revitalized which I think is great.  I haven't worked in that area in several years but I met some great people over there that could use a nice home.  Good luck!

@Will Pritchett Thank you for the suggestions, I really appreciate it. Yes, a lot of changes are happening in the area. I still may want to leave the bars on for now. That's funny, I didn't know about 10WA! Also, if you know any potential tenants send them my way, ha! 

@Kristina Modares the biggest bang for the buck is paint. I would use three paint colors, base paint one color, windows, trim, and porch one color and the doors another. Makes it really pop. After that I like the parking suggestions by @Will Pritchett . That's probably more than your $1,500 but those would go a long way.

@Bill S. Yes, I like that idea with the paint. Thank you! 

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