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Has anyone ever had to have a roof overhang extended. In my case it would be drip edge and gables. It is about a 900sqft house. Looking for a cost idea. Thanks.

@Tony Gunter

Around here there are numerous post-war houses which were built with no eave over the gable end - I suppose saving 12" of material for each gable added up when they were building 100 - 200 houses in a neighbourhood ;-)

Depending on how much of an eave you wish to have there are two ways you can achieve it:

The "correct" way:  You need to build a ladder which is cantilevered off of the end truss in your gable. If you already have some eave, you may be able to rebuild the existing ladder to extend it, if not you will need to build a new ladder.  You can easily build an eave of 18 - 36" this way (the longer the eave the further back inside you cantilever).

You will need to strip the end of the roof to extend the sheeting out over the ladder - you want to cut every second or third board back in 1-3 rafters and replace with a new board to avoid having a seam up the entire edge of the ladder and to give the ladder additional integrity so you do not need to worry about walking on it when on the roof.  If sheeted with OSB or plywood, you want to cut back a half sheet every second course and stagger in.

The "easy" way:  If you only want to make a drip edge on a house with no gable eave, the easy/cheap way to do this is to sister 2 2x6 together and screw them onto the end wall of the house, flush with the roof deck and then encase them with flashing.  You still need to re-work the shingles on the end of the house to properly cover the new overhang.

I see this done the majority of the time when someone shingles one of those old post War houses w/o gable eaves.  It's cheaper and faster, can be done to look not terribly out of place, but can also be done shoddily enough to allow water to get down into the wall assembly.

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Thanks @Roy N.

I do know how to do it, i just want to pay someone else to do it and looking for some price idea. Actually ,I do have a price idea, but am looking for others experience. This house is a 1939 model I will gut. The eves bother me as they are non existent.
I am trying to limit how hands on I am in this rehab. I have been very, very hands on in the past, but I need to force myself to move away from that on bigger parts of the rehabilitation.

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