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I am an inexperienced agent, but experienced investor, and I have website where I post other agents properties that I consider to be Great Fixers.

My problem is, and I need suggestions - how can I make sure that the person who gives me his name and address will actually use me as a buyers agent and not just grab the address and leave. I have great programmer who can do anything and broker who unfortunately is not very interested in my website. Which I guess in understandable.

I live in Los Angeles. 90066

Not a lawyer, agent/broker, buyer/seller, or any of those, I'm just a businessman who knows some basics about law, internet, and business transactions. Your problem has a few components, 1. You have an issue about getting someone to use you as buyers agent -- the solution is, when they sign up, you can have them sign/agree to some sort of an agent agreement (not exclusive), but exclusive to the property that you list. Truth be told, you have no hold about this, but if you structure your pop-ups correctly it might be better, I would structure it that the first click is some sort of general agreement, then on the second pop-up, highlight that they agree you will be their buyer agent, then on the third popup, they are liable for (say) $20k if they violate. You will need a good attorney or Terms and Agreement specialist for website to pull this off. There are a lot in Fiver (google it). Good luck.

For additional security, I would screen the sign-ups, i.e. they won't be able to access the list without a DL or form of Identification forwarded to your email or something.

@Sonja Gilbert

What you're doing - looking for deals for flippers - is somewhat like being a wholesaler so I would read the guide about that from the education tab from above.  Definitely don't publish the addresses though without a written agreement as Manolo suggests.  

If you're not already, you need to get actively involved with the flippers in your area.  Sign them up for your mailing list.  Use this site to expand your connections.

One thing I'd suggest to start is - rewrite this forum post and especially the title.

The "buyers" need to Want to use you....which means they need to feel you bring some value, other than just a list.  Perhaps they need to actually talk to you, before they see your "list".

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