General Contractors in Anchorage Alaska

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Does anyone from Anchorage, Alaska know of good reputable general contractors? Preferably contractors that you have had success with. I may be attempting a fix and flip soon and I would like to call a few different contractors to get some information. 

Discussion followed! I'm additionally looking for a quality handyman for things above my level.

Have either of you had any luck finding a good solid handyman around Anchorage? I've been hoofing it myself most things but I'm out of state for Feb and need an apartment completed! Just small things.

Please let me know!

Rob’s services has always done my parents and me very good

I have not found a general contractor yet. But I've found a few specialty contractors that worked good for me. 

Siding work - ABC seamless (expensive, but totally legit, and do excellent work)

Flooring - Tony's Flooring ( he does carpet, laminate, and vinyl installs)

Attic insulation and weatherization in general - Alasco

roofing - Earhart roofing

Paving - 1-800-asphalt

Great, thanks for the responses. I’ll check them out and get back on here with reviews of who I use if that’ll help others

Good idea, Lets keep this thread going for anyone in the Anchorage Alaska area to post any GC's or individual tradesmen that have worked out well for you. Also lets notify others on this post about crappy contractors, so we can avoid them! :)

@Cam Jimmy Reminder that forum posts cannot be deleted on this site. All I have to say about contractors are there are ones that keep their promises and ones that don't. The former is rarer than the latter.

Best piece of advice I’ve received about contractors is that you have the opportunity to get three things from them: 


Better affordability 


On average only two of those things are found together at best. To find all of those things in a contractor is rare but not impossible. 

I'd - add - don't make final payment until you are 100% satisfied! I've got a great all around guy right now that I'd trust with anything. He's hitting those three pieces Jordan - it is so rare. 

For plumbing, I use first class. A little more expensive but very reliable and had done fantastic work and goes the extra effort to save money,

For electrical, I had a very difficult time finding someone.  The guy I found is fantastic.  On time, fantastic work,  very affordable, and most important, reliable!  He has done numerous jobs and always does great work, often makes the previous work look better.  He will not do a “good enough” job.  Pm me, website won’t let me post his number, I have his permission to give it out. 

Roofing: Chinook

GC: Homan Construction

Countertops: Alaska Marble and Stone, Granite City

Plumbing: Eureka, R&S, and Curtis Plumbing 

All great experiences with the folks listed above! 

I know the owner of the M&R contracting business. He is amazing guy, very affordable and reliable. I sometimes think he doesn`t make enough for living because he gives so much discounts to people. If someone is still looking for contractor, feel free to send me dm. 

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